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Dean's speech

In this new academic year, I am pleased to see the increase in numbers of students (males/females) to join the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Minia University. I would like to congratulate the University and to congratulate ourselves for our ability to take the first step in the way we decided to take it together.
Firstly: I would like to welcome new students in this great edifice, which has been able to establish its basic rules and structure since its existence.
You are the basic brick who build this faculty, as the veterinarians are characterized by mercy and kindness to the animals other than anyone else in in other fields, so I ask you to always remember that the university is the first house of culture for young people and is the source of science, which provides us with all the information, skills and experiences in our future lives.
student must have a main goal from entering the university, which is excellence, nobility and visiting libraries frequently, reading in his field of study, asking, learning, and making knowledge and develop his/her skills is the nominal target .
As for the university activities is wonderful thing and ideal student who combines all things and knows how to employ them, which makes him/her happy in studying or in his vacation.
Finally, I would like to invite you all to work together in order to add what is new to yourselves and to your faculty).
We together are able to raise our faculty and ourselves to be in the top of the university and rank among the veterinary medicine faculties all over the republic, and that can be achieved by strengthen our will, enthusiasm and our steady pace steps towards our goal. And I need you to know that you always will find me beside you in everything that related to the educational process in and also you will find me a father on the personal level, With best wishes for you .